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Hampi's rice paddies at sunrise
the harsher side of India
the market
Receiving blessings from Laxmi, Hampi's resident elephant (that trunk's hairy!)
school children
India. Just when you're trying to take a picture, in walks a cow.
Beckey riding a coracle
Hampi's river transport, "coracles"
India's answer to drying clothes...just stand there!
boys dressed as Hanuman (the monkey god)
this sweet little girl clung to me for an hour
Hampi's great temples from 600 years ago
village boys
chai salesman
river bliss (and swimable!)
Granite remnants of Hampi's great civilization
monkey at Hampi ruins
me & Bhauji, one of Meher Baba's last remaining disciples
Meher Baba
Osho Ashram Pyramid
Hampi man
My hands painted in Mahendi (henna)
Traditional "Lamani" woman
Inside an ancient tower outside of Hampi